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Burgundy: Back to Basics

By Sisi Liang     Thanksgiving food (or drink?) for thought: What you appreciate appreciates—intriguing idea to apply to fine wine investing. We can get so caught up in the math, the science, and the data in analyzing anything these days—so much so that we might have moved 20 steps away from the basics, and forgot what actually makes sense. This happens quite frequently in the investing world, even when it comes to fine wine. I recently had the great pleasure to watch a...

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Shipwreck of the Chinese Stock Market May Lead to Sunken Treasure in the Fine Wine Market

By Sisi Liang and Joseph L. Breeden   The Chinese stock market has recently shipwrecked. And a lot of people around the world are in the same boat (or adjacent boats) feeling the pain. The Shanghai Composite rose by 44% in five months since January 2015, peaked in May and then dropped 21% in the next two months. It has sent a ripple through the rest of the world, causing a multitude of problems. But in crises can come opportunities. From what we see in our wine analytics, we might have a...

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Bloomsday Burgundy

By Sisi Liang,   "Feel better. Burgundy. Good pick me up. Who distilled first? Some chap in the blues. Dutch courage."      – James Joyce, Ulysses   As a diehard fan of James Joyce's epic Ulysses, I have decided that it's only fitting to dedicate this post to the book on this special day—Bloomsday—and the Burgundy wine, which is featured in the book. In Ulysses, Joyce's hero Leopold Bloom wanders around the City of Dublin over a course of ~20 hou...

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New Insights into the Lafite Bubble through Vintage Modeling

By Sisi Liang and Joseph L. Breeden, When considering the fine wine market, our curiosity naturally leads us to the most traded wine in the world—most traded and, in this case, most dramatic as well. Produced in Médoc in the Bordeaux region of France, Lafite is ranked as a First Growth by the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855. Lafite wines are the most traded in our database, with ­­­­­over twelve thousand auction results. In particular, the 1982 L...

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A New Kind of Wine Analytics

By Joseph L. Breeden, is an excellent source for wine auction histories and portfolio tracking, but our true uniqueness is in our analytics. The same database and analytics that provide robust, long-range, scenario-based forecasts also provides us the ability to explore interesting questions of the wine market. With this blog we will explore a wide range of topics that will be useful to connoisseurs and investors alike. The analytics powering our website are different...

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