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The developers of Vincast were all wine lovers, but not collectors. For stocks, bonds, and commodities, detailed information is available to the investor enabling solid long-term decision making and planning. Other collectables have price guides and histories. Wine collecting needed to catch up.

In order to collect and invest in wines with confidence, the developers o f Vincast started gathering historic wine data. But historic data on scattered auctions does not provide an overview of the wine market or expectations of future value. Wine ratings can tell you which are the most delicious, but not which will grow best in value.

Therefore, Vincast was created in partnership with the world-leader in vintage analytics, Prescient Models LLC. Leveraging Prescient Models' unique analytical technology, For the first time in the wine industry, Vincast provides investment-grade analytics to anyone with a passion for wine and a desire to protect their investments.

If you have any questions please contact us by e-mailing us at [email protected].