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How to use

Lot designer

Lot designer

Select items from our wine database to add to the lot being auctioned. If a wine is not in the list, then we do not yet have data on it and cannot provide analysis.

To delete items from a lot, swipe right over the item to be deleted.

Once all items have been added to a lot, click "Save" to add that lot to your Saved Lots and see its history in the graph below. Saving will store the lot and download our history of previous auctions and analysis of that wine. An internet connection is required to save a lot. At any time, you can restore items from Saved Lots.

Hint: If you will not have an internet connection during an auction, create and save all the lots of interest before the auction when you do have a connection. During the auction, you will be able to reload Saved Lots, view history, and run forecasts without an internet connection.


History graph

The History panel shows realized auction prices at major auction houses as X's. In addition, we use our wine market analysis and attributes of the individual wines in the lot to estimate what the median price and one standard deviation price range would have been over the available history.

For mixed lots composed of multiple wines, only the estimated historic range will be available. For some wines, we may not have observed any past sales, but will estimate an historic price range based upon the vintage, maker, region, quality ratings, and price performance of previous related wines.connection.


Forecast graph

When a new lot is saved, the history for that lot, both estimated and actual, is provided as a free service. Vincast also performs a detailed analysis of the future value of the lot based upon projected price appreciation as the wines age, the collectability scores of the individual wines in the lot, and scenarios for the future of the wine market. The Vincast bid price indication, return-on-investment forecasts, collectability scores, and market index are provided for a small fee based upon the average price per item in the lot.

Bid Price Selector

The selector at left is where the user enters the current bid price during the auction. The spinner is color-coded to show good (green), average (yellow), and poor (red) prices for this lot given current market conditions.

Return-on-Investment Graph

The graph at right shows the 1, 2, 5, and 10 year return on investment if the lot is purchased at the price given in the bid price selector. Each line corresponds to one of the Market Scenarios shown in the Settings panel. Each time the bid price changes, the ROI analysis updates instantly. The colored regions indicate red for negative return, yellow for less return that the user's target, and green for exceeding the Target Return in the Settings panel.

Collectability Score

Each unique wine in our database receives a Collectability Score. Unlike wine ratings that measure the quality of the wine for drinking, we rate the wines of their potential price appreciation. This is a function of time, so we provide 1, 2, 5, and 10 year Collectability Scores. If the wine investor is willing to hold a wine for five years, look to purchase wines with the highest Collectability Score. Scores range from 0 (the worst) to 10 (the best). Scores are independent of trends in the wine market. If you don't feel like you can predict the market but still want to invest in wine, simply choose wines with the highest Collectability Score.


If you won the bidding, click "Purchase" to save this lot to your Portfolio. You will be able to view your portfolio on our website and receive free updated forecasts for the value and ROI of this lot for as long as you own it.


Settings graph

The Settings panel includes adjustments to the forecasts. Target Return determines the green region of the ROI graph. Maintenance Cost adjusts the ROI calculation for the cost to hold the wine. Transaction Cost adjusts for the eventual cost to sell the wine.

Market Index

As part of Vincast's unique modeling technology, we create a market index capturing price trends for lots like the one your are bidding on.

Market Scenarios

Vincast constantly updates its market scenarios to provide best-case, average, and worst-case scenarios for the future of the wine market given its current condition. The ROI forecasts are fun under all three scenarios so you can choose a specific scenario of consider the range of possible futures.