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The Analytics Before the Forecasts

Recently we were invited to speak at an analytics conference. Not necessarily wine analytics. Rather, the audience were statisticians and data scientists from all fields, both academic and business. The conference was the SAS Global Forum, a huge event with thousands of attendees, so being invited to speak was quite an honor. Who knew they were going to record it. For a data scientist's view of wine forecast, here is our presentation: Above: Dr. Breeden presenting on wine analytics at SAS Gl...

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If you're wondering about bitcoin, read this insight from wine investing

By Joseph L. Breeden and Sisi Liang, Bitcoin is a fascinating concept, attempting to solve many vexing problems, but it is currently a poor currency. This was the conclusion of an expert panel at the World Economics Forum this year in Davos, Switzerland. The panelists are all luminaries in finance and economics. They were not, however, Bitcoin millionaires. That might cause some Bitcoin enthusiasts to dismiss their complaints, but they made some good points, and some of those points relate to o...

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What Do Credit Cards And Wine Have In Common?

By Sisi Liang,     I believe in connecting seemingly unrelated ideas. I believe that some of the most profound breakthroughs come from seeing commonality among completely unrelated things. I believe that synthesizing and making this kind of connection is fundamentally human. And it’s one of the things that give me the most joy. What do James Joyce’s Ulysses and Finnegans Wake have in common with real analysis and abstract algebra in mathematics? They both taught me how ...

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AuctionForecast called the wine market bottom in 2015, and NBC News carried it

In 2015, analyzing market trends and fundamentals, we published our view that the wine market was due for a turn. NBC News picked up the story, putting a time stamp to our predictions, which proved to be quite prescient.

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How To Buy & Invest In Wine Like A Seasoned Wine Importer: A Juicy Conversation With Martine Saunier

By Sisi Liang and featured on Forbes MarketMoves on 1/4/2018 Two years ago I was enthralled with the film “A Year in Burgundy,” starring and produced by Martine Saunier, the woman who brought the finer Burgundies to America many decades ago, and elevated the American taste forever. I was so inspired by the film that I wrote this article. Martine’s passion for her life-long friends and their wines was contagious, and I found myself immersed in her joy. Recently...

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