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The Analytics Before the Forecasts

Recently we were invited to speak at an analytics conference. Not necessarily wine analytics. Rather, the audience were statisticians and data scientists from all fields, both academic and business. The conference was the SAS Global Forum, a huge event with thousands of attendees, so being invited to speak was quite an honor.

Who knew they were going to record it. For a data scientist's view of wine forecast, here is our presentation:

Above: Dr. Breeden presenting on wine analytics at SAS Global Forum

Joseph L Breeden, PhD has been building forecasting models for over 20 years for such areas as currency futures, sporting events, agricultural commodities, and loans. The methods he pioneered in his book, Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics (2014) are considered are considered best practice in the industry and performed well through the US mortgage crisis and many other international economic crises over the last 20 years. His love of wine and data analysis led to his participation in

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